‘Open Book’ – the daily strike bulletin

Yet another exciting aspect of the 3 Cosas Campaign has been the effective use of industrial workplace bulletins by some of its supporters, to promote the ideas of the campaign and wider ideas of trade unionism and socialism, and to counter the misinformation of the bosses and union bureaucrats. 

Since last summer, workers at the University of London have been producing a bulletin called The Open Book, which has raised the profile of the 3 Cosas Campaign, as well as uncovering the corruption at the heart of University management, and offering strategic direction on the Higher Education pay dispute. In fact, it is partly due to the bulletin that there were proper picket lines at Senate House at all on the first date of the pay dispute!

We are pleased to announce that throughout the duration of our three-day strike on 27, 28 and 29 January, we will be producing a daily strike bulletin! 
It will carry information on how the dispute has been going, including interviews with workers, news about the actions of management and scabs, and information about how supporters can offer solidarity. Much will be written about the strike by union bureaucrats, the University of London management and the media. We hope that the bulletin can give you the voice of the workers and campaign supporters themselves.
Daily strike bulletins have a proud history in the labour movement. We take particular inspiration from the strike of truck drivers in Minneapolis in 1934, whose union branch, the Teamsters Local 574 produced a daily newspaper called The Organizer. It became the tribune of the Minneapolis labour movement in what was a heroic and inspiring strike for union recognition. 
If our bulletin can achieve a fraction of what the Minneapolis Teamsters achieved then it will be a major success!

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