Ballot results in – 70% turnout, 97% yes vote

strikeOutsourced IWGB members working for Balfour Beatty Workplace (BBW) at the University of London have voted overwhelmingly for strike action as they pursue their goals of recognition, protection for Garden Halls workers and the 3 Cosas.

The ballot results, published today, show a massive 97% vote in favour of strike action, on a huge 70% turnout.

The first days of action have been called for Wednesday 27 November and Thursday 28 November, the first of these being Foundation Day at the University of London, the traditional event when the Chancellor Princess Anne  bestows honorary degrees on the great and good.

IWGB UoL Branch Secretary Jason Moyer-Lee was resolute, declaring that ‘BBW cannot ignore these results – they show the overwhelming desire of our members for fair working conditions, job security and proper consultation in their workplace. At no stage have the company made any effort to resolve this dispute – consequently responsibility for this strike action with them’. He once again stressed that the IWGB was still willing to negotiate, but warned that time was now growing short if BBW were to avoid inflicting massive disruption on the University, its staff and its students.

Please donate to the strike fund – as low-paid workers already on the breadline, we will inevitably be affected more than most by the loss of earnings which a strike entails. By clicking this button and donating via Pay Pal you can make a massive contribution to the success of the campaign as it enters a critical phase.
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