The 3 Cosas Campaign fully supports the Save Your Union demonstration on Wednesday 13 November

uluWe urge our supporters to turn out at the University of London Union (ULU) at 1pm on the day to protest against university management’s undemocratic plans to abolish ULU and to support the demands for decent working conditions for all campus workers.

Outsourced workers at the University stand in solidarity with the students’ union, just as it has supported us. Over the last year, ULU has provided vital political and logistical support to the 3 Cosas campaign to win sick pay, holiday pay and pensions for outsourced workers at the University of London. It has helped to organise and promote our demonstrations, raise money, print leaflets, and provide office space for our trade union.

The attacks on ULU are attacks on the right of students to organise collectively and democratically; they are also attacks on the student and labour movement as a whole.

The drive by University of London management against ULU is motivated the same anti-democratic outlook which has seen them refuse to recognise and negotiate with our trade union, the IWGB, and to enter dialogue over the threatened job losses at the Garden Halls.

Workers and students must stand together against the closure of ULU. Together we are stronger, and a victory for ULU is a victory for our campaign.


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